An old description of myself

This was written in, oh, 2010? It was updated somewhat in 2015 or so. It is still largely accurate, although it is time to update again.


I make the rules I live by.

I am an INTJ as typed by the Meyers-Briggs personality test. I am an introvert, however, I enjoy social environments, especially when I can be a part of a small group. I am highly analytical. I gather information from the world around me, turn it over and over and find where it all fits together, and then share with those I love the syntheses that I have come up with. I adore intellectual conversations. I am always learning about new things and applying them directly to my life — I learned plumbing and plumbed a bathroom addition, I learned about solar energy, and now there are solar panels on top of my home.

I am an atheist — but I love being a part of a spiritual community.

I am a damn good singer. If you are lucky, I will sing for you. I love music – it has a calming, fulfilling role in my life. I love to dance and (to paraphrase Richard Shaw) to move the way the music makes me feel. I love the visual arts.

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