The bigger picture

  • Covid is (most likely) a lab-created virus.  It (most likely) came about because of gain-of-function research on the SARS virus.  It is unknown whether it was accidentally or deliberately released.
  • For most people under age 70 with no comorbidities, Covid infection appears as a cold or mild flu-like symptoms.  Some get infected with the virus and shrug it off with no perceptible symptoms.
  • In the past 18 months doctors around the world have developed treatment protocols for Covid using medications that have already gone through formal approval processes, that have been in use for years and decades, with great success.  There are treatment protocols with repurposed medications that can be taken prophylactically (to prevent Covid infection) and to treat Covid in the early phases, so that vulnerable people recover without needing hospital intervention.  When it is understood that there are effective treatments available, it is very difficult to understand why this information is being suppressed by government health authorities.  
  • The pharmaceutical industry is treating the Covid pandemic as a goldmine.  It is an opportunity for them to create new, patentable medicines and vaccines that will have broad public uptake and increase their profits for years to come.  Vaccines are especially lucrative because there is already a precedent in most countries to vaccinate nearly everyone for common diseases.  
  • The FDA approval process for new medicines and vaccines is lengthy.  This is because there is great potential for new medicines and vaccines to do more harm than good.  Vaccines usually take a decade from the first stages to being given approval by regulatory agencies.  There is a lengthy phase of animal testing on humanized mice and apes to calibrate dosing, and to determine as closely as possible how the vaccine will behave inside of a human body.  Then human trials begin.  Medical science understands that even with rigorous animal testing, the human body is distinct from the animals used for testing, and it is possible for further problems to arise at this point.  After the human cohort is vaccinated, they are typically followed for two years to see if there are any long-term side effects that may arise.  Only after these years of rigorous testing is a new vaccine considered for FDA approval.  After it is approved, it still has only been followed in humans for two years, so data will still be gathered on any possible longer-term side effects not discovered in the many years of development and testing.  (VAERS is one way that this longer term data is collected.)
  • The only way to circumvent the lengthy process for vaccine development is to side step it with “Emergency Use Authorization.”  It is possible for the FDA to grant EUA if there are no effective treatments for the disease using substances that have already gone through the usual FDA approval process.  
  • When the laws surrounding Emergency Use Authorization are understood, the refusal by government authorities to recognize effective prophylaxis and treatment of Covid by off-patent medications becomes difficult to ignore.  If government health authorities recognized the many scientific studies and real world evidence supporting the use of repurposed medicines to treat covid, then they would be obligated by law to immediately rescind the EUAs for the covid vaccines — or would never have been permitted by law to issue the Covid vaccine EUAs in the first place.
  • It looks like Covid infection with symptoms provides lifetime protection against future infection from Covid or any of its variants.  (With asymptomatic/subclinical covid infection this is less clear.  My father’s infection was symptomless and he has antibodies to Covid — tested positive for antibodies twice now.  A study I was made aware of yesterday suggests that some folks have T-cells that immediately inhibit Covid infection so rapidly that antibodies never develop — this type of response is a part of the body’s “innate immune system.”  Children’s innate immune systems are more robust than that of adults — this part of the immune system wanes over time, and the body depends more and more upon the trainable part of the immune system — the part that creates antibodies coded to specific types of infections, etc.  I suspect that this may be what happened with my kids — who were around sick family members but never fell ill, never tested positive, my daughter tested negative for antibodies.)

There is no reason for anyone to be fearful of Covid.  There are prophylactic treatment protocols with ivermectin — which is a drug that has a safety profile that is better than Advil, better than Tylenol.  It has been around for 40 years.  The inventors of ivermectin were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for its development in 2015.  If someone at Beatitudes were to become ill with Covid, they can be treated with Ivermectin, with Budesonide, with Fluvoxamine, or with HCQ, in conjunction with other substances (such as zinc and vitamins D & C, etc.)  We have treatments that crush covid infections.  Ivermectin is also showing promise in treating “long-Covid” and in treating some types of lingering adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines — although, there have not been any rigorous studies of this yet.  
(The treatments for Covid are still relevant for folks at Beatitudes because in both Israel and the UK about half of the people falling ill with the “Delta Variant” were fully vaccinated.)
There is no reason to fear Covid.  There is no reason to wear masks.  (Masks can’t stop an airborne virus — and Covid is airborne.)  There is no reason to obligate anyone to take a vaccine that doesn’t want to take vaccine. 

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